Birds in Freedom

Over the past years we have been collaborating with regional, national and international organizations to educate, inform and prevent the general public from buying or extracting native parrots from the wild.

Quick Bird ID Guides

​We developed these guides in collaboration with other NGO´s and the support of Defenders of Wildlife.

The Quick Bird ID guides help to inform locals and visitors about the bird diversity found at the region and encourage people to be part of the existing ecotourism programs in the area. They also, help us generate revenue for local schools to raise funds for field trips and other activities.

The best marketing Campaign.

In January 2015, Riviera Nayarit sponsored the second edition of the region´s episode with the TV Show Nikon BIrding Adventures and reached over 65 million households in North America through main cable television channels. ​

This chapter displays the unique charm of San Pancho and its surroundings emphasizing San Pancho Birding Obervatory´s conservation efforts. This advertisement event itself will put our region and SPBO in the map and we extend our most sincere gratitude for all those involved in this super fun adventure!