Military Macaw (Ara Militaris)​Conservation Project

Survey for birders to help Macaw Conservation

Ara militaris, better known as Military Macaw, is a charismatic species for birdwatchers and is protected in Mexico by NOM 059-2010 and is considered as threatened due to the loss of their habitat as well as them being captured for the illegal pet trade.

In the Bay of Banderas - Riviera Nayarit area there are different initiatives to protect them.

Rancho El Santuario is an ejido property in the vicinity of Las Juntas and los Veranos in Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco. During the last years, the family that owns it together with multiple volunteers and collaborators have implemented a system of artificial nests that is helping the local population of Military Macaws to recover and have a safe place to live as the crew constantly patrols their ranch to avoid illegal poaching.

Supporting projects such as Rancho El Santuario is essential for the conservation of threatened species such as Ara militáis. ​

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