Birdwatching From A Health-Science Perspective
Written by Luis Morales 11/04/2020

From my beginnings in bird watching as a hobby and passion almost 18 years ago I knew that it was a special and very complete activity that captivated me entirely.

Although during my childhood and my academic training in marine biology I got to see and learn about wild birds frequently I never felt as captivated by their colors and sounds until I moved in to live with my girlfriend (now my wife and mother and my thre children, Wendolin Pasco) to the remote community of Yelapa where literally wild birds and birdwatching were revealed to us as a path of life, which we have been following since then. But, that's another story....

Shortly after our "revelation" of sound and color (Ebird checklist of Yelapa birds) we had the opportunity to meet our friends Judith Roth (Yoga teacher) and her life partner Cody Sontag (birdwatcher) who got us into the world of birdwatching inviting us to be part of their aviturism project "Yoga and Birds", which was a way of cultivating pleasures such as being in nature, being constantly observing myself, my thoughts, emotions and actions through Yoga and meditation, the philosophical conversationas connecting to nature and the philosophical talks about about the relationship between spirituality and science and the best friends.

Since then birdwatching and bird conservation have been my passion and purpose in life. Being able to cultivate myself by learning constantly, being able to sustain my family through guiding tours and sustaining a civil association to be able to serve my community, to help the planet and all humanity with my work is a great blessing of which I am infinitely grateful for so I would like to take adventage of the opportunity of the current sanitary contingency that forces most of us to stay at home to take care of our health and our beloved ones by remaining at home.

We have promoted the initiative #YoPajareoEnCasa as a way to encourage people to stay at home and in this context I think sharing one of the many facets (perhaps one of the most valuable in the current context?) that personally has caused me interest for more than a decade.

In 2011 I wrote a series of three articles for the local electronic newspaper "The Voice of St. Pancho" on the page in which I did a brief research on the benefits of bird watching for the body, mind and spirit.

I here to share these files that I note, have not been updated to date of this publication. I look forward to having the opportunity to review and enrich them with feedback from my readers and their experiences.

Having said that, beforehand I do a deslinde of responsibilities regarding the use of the term "therapeutics" are not a therapist and do not pretend to be. I have great respect for doctors, psychologists and all the people in the health sector who truly do assistance and I hope this information that I share is useful and serves them to enjoy more of this activity that helps us to observe and connect with nature and with ourselves, if we are fully aware and attentive. The information that I share in this note part research from sources that by the format of the article were not mentioned, but that fortunately already exists books like "Bird Theerapy" that also support the proposal of the term "Avitherapy" and which has also already been used by other organizations in Mexico with health professionals in artistic and cultural activities with the theme of birds.

I hope you enjoy reading.

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